In this project case study, I will be sharing my experience designing a mobile app for a local fitness centre. The goal was to create an app that made it easy for gym-goers to view class schedules, book sessions, and track their progress.

Throughout the design process, I focused on creating an intuitive user interface that would enhance the overall user experience and encourage engagement with the app.


Breaking down the project

The design process for the fitness centre mobile app involved several key stages. Firstly, I conducted extensive user research to understand the needs of gym-goers and identify pain points with existing fitness apps.

Building on strong foundations

Based on this research, I developed user personas and created wireframes to map out the app’s functionality and structure. From there, I created a high-fidelity prototype and conducted usability testing to refine the design and improve the user experience. The final design included features such as a personalised workout tracker and an easy-to-use booking system.

Collaborating with the internal team

Throughout the process, I worked closely with the fitness centre’s team to ensure that the app met their requirements and aligned with their brand identity.


The final outcome of the fitness centre mobile app was a user-friendly and engaging digital product that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Users were able to easily view class schedules, book sessions, and track their fitness progress, all within a seamless and intuitive app experience.

As a result, the fitness centre saw an increase in user engagement and loyalty, and the app has become an important part of their overall customer experience.

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